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  • Get a chance to meet the sitter, and they can meet your pets

  • Gather Special Instructions on pets and home care

  • Transfer Keys

  • Spend time letting your pet get to know us

*Visits are 15 Minutes- 1 Hour



Service Details

Overnight Pet Sitting

During These Visits Your Pet Will Receive:



-Replenish Water Supply

-Play Time

-Administer Medications (As Needed)

-Evening Walk

-Litter Box Maintenance

-Poop Scooping

-Retrieving Mail/ Newspaper

-Watering Plants/ Garden

-Taking Out Trash/ Recycling (On Pick Up Days)

-Accident Clean Up


-"Lived In Look" (Lights, Curtains, Moving Cars)

-Pet Journal/ Pictures (As Wanted)

-Simple Pool Maintenance (add chlorine, clean skimmer basket)


*This Service Includes Morning & Evening Visit*

**Should You Choose This Service, We Recommend Scheduling a Mid-Day Value Visit for the Sake of the Dog's Bladder**

Value Visits

During these visits, we will provide:


-Quick Potty Break



-Replensih Water Supply

-Litter Box Maintenance 

-Give Treat or Meal if Directed

-Other Services Upon Request


*Limited Availability Monday-Friday

**15 Min, 30 Min, 60 Min

Fish & Small Animals

This Service Includes Birds, Hamsters, Guinea pigs (for other animals, please contact us)

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Overnight Pet Sitting
Fish/ Small Animals
Value Visits
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