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Reasons to In-House Pet Sit
  • Animals

    • Reduced Stress

    • Keeps Daily Routine

    • No Travel Trauma

    • Personal Attention

  • Owners

    • Security of the House

    • Special Services

    • Peace of Mind


Why Waggle Watchers?

When you're not able to be home with your "fur-kids" whether it be work or vacation, you want to know they are being taken care of with the same love you give them. Waggle Watchers understands that with the variety of breed, age, and size that each animal requires a different level of attention and we personalize each clients' needs. Our goal is to assure and provide a safe and fun service for you and your pet. Waggle Watchers is insured and bonded for added peace of mind.

Meet the Owner!

Born and raised in Houston, Kelly's love of animals began at a young age with her family's pets. During high school, she started pet sitting for family and friends. While in college, she got her first opportunity to pet sit for someone outside of that group, an alumnae sorority sister. Little did she know this cute fur-family of five would make her realize her enthusiasm for pet sitting.


Shortly after, Kelly was spending more and more time pet sitting and decided to form Waggle Watchers. Her passion for working with animals continues to grow as she volunteers her time at Friends for Life Shelter in The Heights. Kelly is excited to bring her deep love of animals and dedication to the care of both your pets and your home.​

Waggle Watchers Experiences


I love Waggle Watchers! I never feel nervous when they are taking care of my pets. I can completely enjoy my vacation with no worries. My pets get as much or more attention by Waggle Watchers than when I am home!  They are very reliable as well. I like my pets kept on my schedule and they do that! They send little updates about how my pets are doing too, which is a nice added touch and a real comfort to me. 


I have to travel a lot for work and refuse to board my pups, Bella and Milly (based on prior awful experiences). Thankfully, I met Kelly and she has been a lifesaver!! She takes the BEST care of my girls while I am out of town. It is always hard leaving them, but it is much easier knowing that they are in such great hands while I am away. And most importantly, they LOVE Kelly and probably don't even miss me when I am out of town anymore.


Waggle Watchers has house sat for me a couple times, they are very responsible and professional. They took care of my home, my 2 dogs (a Doberman and a Chihuahua) and my 2 cats while I was out of town. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that your pets are at home and in good hands.


Kelly is the most responsible pet sitter one can find.  She is timely, courteous, positive, detail oriented, and most importantly, she is an animal lover.  My experience with using her services has been perfect.  She communicates well with the owners, if needed while they are away, and follows instructions to the letter.  Lastly, if there were more pet sitters like her, all of the kennels would go out of business!


Waggle Watchers was an amazing pet sitting experience! Not only were they considerate to me but you could tell they loved taking care of my cat. Waggle Watchers didn't just stop by and feed the cat but spent time with him which made him feel loved.  They treated my cat like they would treat their own pet with love and kindness. I will always use Waggle Watchers to take care of my cat while I am out of town.


Kelly was highly recommended by a friend.  She has now watched Bentley numerous times when I am on vacation.  I fully trust her in my house.  Every time Bentley sees Kelly she becomes extremely excited.  Kelly always keeps me updated with texts and pictures of Bentley throughout their time together.  I know that Bentley is in good hands because when I come home Bentley greets me and then goes and sits on Kelly’s lap.  


We love using Waggle Watchers to house sit our three large, high-energy dogs and cat. We know when she watches our fur babies they are well taken care of and loved. One of our dogs has bad allergies and another has thyroid issues.  They follow their daily meds and preventative supplements we give to them. Our dogs are much less stressed having the opportunity to stay home instead of being put in a kennel. Waggle Watchers takes care of them as she if they were their own.  I highly recommend using Waggle Watchers to take care of your fur babies too!


Waggle Watchers are great dog sitting professionals.  They have great attention to detail when it comes to instructions for our 3 1/2 year old black lab and our 1 1/2 year old red bone coon hound (a total handful).  The dogs just love them.  


Kelly has watched Hank and Spaghetti, numerous times over the past couple of years.  She does a fantastic job. She is reliable, trustworthy and provides excellent care.  The dogs are always happy when she arrives and they are in great shape when she leaves.  

I would definitely hire her again and prefer to have her watch my dogs over kenneling at the Vet or daycare.  


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